The Music of Victor Grauer

Last summer I finally got around to making up-to-date digital copies of reel to reel tapes which had been sitting around in various attics through the cold winters and hot summers of the last 40 years or so. (Many thanks to the U. of Pittsburgh Music Dept. and its director, Mathew Rosenblum, who offered the use of an ancient reel to reel device still lurking in the bowels of the Ethnomusicology lab.) I was eager to hear some of the early electronic music compositions I'd recorded back in the Sixties and hadn't heard for many years, and pleased to discover that some (though not all) still sounded quite good to me. I'd never made much of an effort to disseminate most of these works, largely because there was really no "market" for them, but I'm so delighted that so many have held up so well that I've decided to take advantage of what the Internet now has to offer and make them available to anyone who might be interested -- friends, colleagues or passing strangers. And since I've gone to all the trouble of setting up this site, I've decided to include more recent work as well. I've added some of the stories behind these pieces, along with some roughly contemporary photos, so what we have here is not only music, but a bit of a memoir as well.

All recordings are complete, and should begin to stream in immediately when you click the arrow. To download the original mp3 files, or purchase CDs, contact me.

NB: The streaming process is a bit shaky and may not always respond immediately to your mouse clicks. You may need to fuss a bit with the controls before you get a response. Please be patient -- the music will eventually stream in, it may just take a minute or so to get started.

(You may need a Windows Media Player plugin to stream music from this website. Mac users can download the necessary software here).

An Introductory Essay: How I Wanted to Learn Composition.

All works are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission from the composer.

Electronic Music

Inferno (ca. 1965) - 6' 23"             Background Info

Song from Vladimir (ca. 1966) - 7' 18"             Background Info

Small Dog (1968) (remix 2010) - 25' 18"            Background Info

Caution -- play at low to medium-low volume ONLY


The Temptation of St. Anthony - after Hieronymous Bosch (1968-2010) - 44' 47"             Background Info

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