While I Bertolt Brecht isn't exactly a "Musical," it isn't exactly a "Non-Musical" either. I like to call it a "play with music." And I take considerable pride in the music I wrote for it, even though it's all written in a style quite different from my usual output. For this play I did NOT strive for originality, but rather tried to echo some of the styles of composers associated with Brecht, primarily Kurt Weill, Hans Eisler and Paul Dessau. I wasn't expressing myself, for a change, but just having lots of fun trying to write in the "Brecht manner."

On this page, you'll find all the musical "numbers" in one place, complete with a simplified notation, so you can follow along as you listen. Pardon my synthesizer, by the way. Someday, hopefully, I'll have all this recorded by live musicians.


The Grave of Li Po/ I Bertolt Brecht

Jamming Street Musicians

Verse 2

Zwischengesang (Interlude Song)


The Human Abstract


Angel of Death's Song ("Report on the Tick")

Finale (with thanks to the House Unamerican Activities Committee)